There are many places to glide the snow covered mountains on new powder or packed terrain, but one of the best places to enjoy the white stuff is The Canyons resort in Park city.  The Canyons is one of the largest in North America.  Single skis and snow boards find their place here.  Innumerable are the choices to make while at this great resort.  First of all deciding where to stay is mind boggling.  Three world top of the line lodging facilities sit on these eight mountains. You never have to be worried about crowds because there are over 3,700 acres of ski terrain that will drive you crazy with excitement.  163 trails are at your disposal.  The goal is to hit all 163 of them.  What Park Cityans call the Greatest Snow on Earth is serviced by over 17 lifts.  If you’re not feeling giddy with excitement yet, then something must be wrong.  Let me continue.

Ski terrain just doesn’t happen.  Nature has a lot to do with it, but nature sometimes needs help.  These extremely cutting edge park designs are unique and adroit to fit any skier of any level. The terrain crew design and pamper the terrain parks like babies.  They watch over every nook and cranny insuring that every foot of that terrain provides memories for everyone. Beginners are provided terrain features for those trying to learn and improve on their skills and there are a couple of other parks for the more adventurous and confident.

The Canyons Grand Summit Hotel is an AAA four diamond property that will blow your mind with amenities.  Maybe an outdoor heated pool might titillate your fantasies. If that doesn’t do it, maybe fine dining on delicacies only existent in the minds of gourmet chefs will delight your soul.  Then again if your tastes are superior to most, you will find lodging at the luxurious Silverado Resort will surely appease even the most particular of travelers to this Park City refuge for the well deserved.  Even those with the most discriminating of tastes walk away in awe and bewilderment.

Families have a plethora of lodging localities strewn throughout the mountain.  Each one is determined to make your stay not only memorable but wondrous.  Services and amenities include cafeterias, bars, ski shops and rentals are effortlessly positioned in the resort village.  By now, you should be salivating with excitement barely able to compose yourself.

Before I continue, please find a seat and hold onto the arm rests because you will faint with demoniacal exhilaration.  Aside from the spectacular skiing even more thrills are available by just consulting the Adventure Desk.  How about snow shoeing, cross country skiing and sleigh rides?  Then hold onto your stockings because there is even hot air ballooning.

If your heart has not stopped with anticipation of a great time, then get up and get out here to Park City.  I’ll be waiting for you.