The hiking enthusiast knows full well the benefit, both physically and spiritually, of managing the trails winding through the Park City mountains.  For those new to the adventure, it becomes an awe inspiring event.  For beholding nature is akin to beholding God.  Viewing the vast natural beauties, touching and smelling aromas indigenous to the scene and actually sensing a connection to a higher source are remunerations of grasping that opportunity.  What better place to discover those treasures than in the mountains of Park City.

When the snows dissipate, what they reveal is astonishing.  More than 150 miles of trails wind through once snow covered ski terrain. Mountain excursions of indescribable beauty are endless choices for the hiking enthusiast, experienced or beginner. But where to begin is the question. Websites such as http://www.utah.com/parkcity/bike_hike.htm and http://mountaintrails.org/our-story/what-we-do/ give great options on where to go, how to get there and what to expect.

The Mountain Trails Mission assists Park City in promoting the use of trails for non-motorized use.  Yearly events such as trail running, mountain biking and volunteer trail care days are a few of the sponsored activities.  Utilizing the seamless year round trail system, the Mission provides opportunities for visitors to participate in this memorable activity.

One of the choice hiking trails for the intermediate level hiker is Nobletts Creek Log Hollow.  It’s a pleasant hike on the edge of the Uintal National Forest that winds down through two canyons.  The trail is dry but beautiful, although it does follow Nobletts Creek for a short distance. Trail distance is about 5.6 miles or four hours.

The Row Bench Trail at Canyons Resort is another favorite.  Dense quaking aspen and Douglas Fir make up a great portion of the trail.  The trail is about 5.2 miles with an elevation change of 2500 feet.  Hiking this trail through the fall provides a spectacular arrangement of colors that are unbelievable.  Amazing views open up into Daniels Canyon and across open rangeland.  The chance of viewing deer and sheep are great.

Hiking in the Canyons offers some of the best trails in Park City.  You can even take a scenic gondola ride to access the Mid Mountain trail. Guided hiking tours are part of a new trekking program provided by the resort.  Experienced guides will walk individuals and groups alike through the beauties of the Wasatch Mountains.  While pausing to appreciate the mountain flora and fauna, try your hand at yodeling thousands of feet up. Listen to yourself reverberate through the peaks and pines.

All level of hikers and bikers can appreciate the myriad of Park City trails.  Maps and guides are available. Always read up on how to prepare for a hike using the appropriate foot gear and water packs to remain hydrated. Visitors will need to adjust to the altitude but as long as you have the right attitude you’ll have an enjoyable time.