When visitors come to Park City, they come to play hard and when play is over they like to eat hard.  This town is a gastronomical heaven, a culinary delight.  Hundreds of restaurants and eateries of every kind imaginable to man are within walking distance from each other.  Every cuisine from the four quarters of the world can be savored at your very whim.  Italian, French, Asian, Continental to name a few await your trial.  The only negative aspect of the foods offered here is the inability to contain them all. For starters, if you would like to experience the best New York Style Pizza in this state, then you need to make your way over to Maxwell’s in Park City. For massive thin slices of pizza with a taste that will knock you over, you can’t go wrong here.  Located at 1456 New Park Blvd it’s easily accessible. If you’re bad with directions, just ask anyone on the street.

The Rocky Mountain Sleigh Company provides fun and dinner only in winter.  Enjoy an evening of sleigh riding through snow covered streets and woods. Marvel as the lights glisten in the snow while you breathe the fresh crisp air.  Afterwards, thrill your taste buds with a grand dinner by the warmth of a huge wood burning fireplace. Enjoy a true American meal like only grandma can make.

Franck’s is a must for French cuisine, so named from the chef himself, Chef Franck Peisse, who by the way, was named Best Chef by Salt Lake Magazine.  The restaurant is small but intimate dining is a luxury.  You’ll be eating at a Four Star level.  Please do so with dignity and grace.

Everyone loves a good Barbeque.  Stop in at Q4U where hickory smoked meats will keep you salivating for weeks.  For years they have been voted to the Top 10 BBQ Restaurants.  Located on 5400 South in Salt Lake City, it’s worth a trip down the mountain from Park City.

The Goldener Hirsch Inn Restaurant in Deer Valley has a terrific Austrian decor providing meals on the more romantic side.  Dine with a loved one in a romantic setting or enjoy dinner with a group of intimate friends.  With a Four Diamond Rating, you’ll get everything you expect in a fine meal and exceptional service.

There are far too many restaurants to mention to give Park City the dining justice it deserves.  The Park City Dining Restaurant Guide on the internet will give you a world of selections to make with brief descriptions of the ambiance and cuisines of each establishment.  Choose one a night and try a different cuisine from someplace you’ve never been.  Dining in Park City is a way of traveling the world at the delight of your tummy.